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Meghalaya Tourism -Best Hill Station in NE India -Shillong Travel Guide Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, one of the smallest states in India...This is one of the few hill stations with motorable roads all around. Shillong has no railway lines...
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Tezpur ,on the north bank of the Brahmaputra ,is tthe largest city in Sonitpur district. Located 179 kms from Guwahati ,the perfect way to reach Tezpur is by road via National Highway 52 that connects the two cities. Passing through the idyllic...

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অসম কলেজ অধ্যক্ষ পৰিষদ  Aims and objectives ...The aims and objectives of the Council shall be to :* Strive and contribute towards all-round development of higher education in particular and secondary and primary education in general in the state;* Promote socio-cultural and human welfare in...
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Chandraprabha Eye Hospital (CPEH) is a mission to provide state of the art eye care to the people of Assam and North East. To provide the promised service, the hospital has a dedicated and well trained team of medical and paramedical staff, the best in the class equipment and a system which ensures...

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