How to Read and Write in Assamese Language on Internet

অসদ্মীয়াত টাইপ কৰো আহা

Now a days it is very easy to write your emails/blogs/articles on internet in Assamese language.All tools and softwares are freely available on the NET ,you have to download these free software from the net one by one and install in your computer properly.

 Operating System is Windows XP

 1st Step, Web Browser is Mozila FireFox 3.5  Download Link

 Download Mozila Firefox for windowsXP and install it.

2nd Step, Mozila Add ons Lipikaar Download Link

or Search "Lipikaar" add ons.

 Download this add ons for Firefox and install it.

3rd Step,Configure Windows XP

   Go to the Conterol panel -> Regional Language Support ->Language Tab ->Supplimental Language Support ->Click on the "install files for complex script and right to left languages."

Allow the OS to install necessary files from the Windows XP CD and then reboot if prompted.

4th Step, Configure FireFox

  Go to the Tools ->Options ->Content ->Languages ->Choose Preferred language as ASSAMESE.

Next Go to your web-browser's "view" menu and set the "character encoding" or "encoding" feature to: Unicode (UTF-8).

আৰৃ বহু কথা আছে , অলপ নিজে Try কৰি  চাওক চোন !!!  মনৰ কখা বোৰ জানো নিজ ভাষাত লিখিবলৈ কাৰ মন নাজায় ?                                         


Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this very needful topic. Hope this will help the rural students of Assam and they can understand the computer in simple & easier way.

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