Syllabus :Child Development and Pedagogy : Paper II For U.P. level (Classes VI-VIII)

Child Developmenat nd Pedagogy: Paper II
For U.P. level (ClassesV I-VIII)
Total Marks : 30

1. Child Development and Pedagogy

(a) Child development (for children 12-14 years group)

o Concept and Nature of Development
o Factors influencing Development- Biological,Psychological and Environmental factors.
. Dimensions of Child Development - Physical with rapid physical changes, Cognitive, Emotional, Social and Moral.
. Understanding changes during the stage of development.
. Individual differences - Intra and Inter individual differences in various areas of Interest,Habits, Aptitudes,Intelligence,Creativity and their assessment.
o Personality- Concept and factors influencing personality.. Adjustment, Concept of Mental Health and Hygiene.
o Adolescence problems of adolescence adolescence education.
o Guidance and Counseling
o Understanding developmental Hazards.

(b) Process of Learning

. Meaning and Nature of Learning. Factors affecting learning.
o Maturation and Readiness for learning.
o Motivation and Learning.
o Methods of Learning, Major Laws of Learning with their educational implications.
o Theories of Learning- (i) Connectionism (Stimulus- > Response Theory)
(ii) Conditioning- Classical  and operant.
(iit) Gestalt Theory and Group Learning
      Transfer of Learnings

(c) Pedagogy

o Teaching-Learning Process
o Knowledge of children from Diverse Context - socio-cultural background,children with special needs (Talented, creative, specially abled), inclusive education.
o Understanding children with learning difficulties and Behavioral problems.
' Organizing Teaching - Teaching as Planned activity, Phases of Teaching (Preactive, Interactive and Post active Phases). Different methods of teaching - Lecture,Project method,Demonstration.
o Class room Management - Role of Teacher and the students,Leadership quality of teacher,time and task management.
o Concept of child-centred teaching and competency based teaching.
o Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation.
o Formative and summative evaluation.
o Diagnostic remedial teaching.
o Concept of TLM and its importance.



Could you please suggest

Could you please suggest books for child development and pedagogy both first and second paper

hi sir it;s really wonderful

hi sir it;s really wonderful helpful work done by you.,
i am getting ready for TET .
could u kindly suggest some best books for "child development and pedagogy"
which are available in delhi (now me in delhi)
eagerly waiting for your suggestion

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