Humanity still alive, Appeal for Support & Help the Flood Victims

Many people of assam were suffering from flood sine a long time. Now the situation was quite improved but more than five lakhs still affected. Many artiest of the state get united to help them. They started collecting donations from guwahati, tezpur, jorhat. From the first day itself they got a contribution of more than 2.5 lakhs rupees. People who used to begging also contributed at least 10 rupees. In heavy rainfall also artists were continuing there collection. The amount they will get is very less to recover the situation but there wisdom to help people picturized the presence care for each other in the society.
A great person or ideal for many youth of Assam Zubeen Garg lead this donation process by visiting different towns along with many other person belongs to the profession like singing, acting and playing musical instrument. Just want to conclude by saying that humanity can't die until we have person like these guys.