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Gold Rush in Assam -A true Story about hidden treasures of NE India

When I was a kid,I heard a lot about treasures hidden in different parts of Assam in north east India.My teachers sometimes talk about British soldiers who hid their precious metals and other belongings in the riverbed or in the jungle when they were attacked and had to back off.Then there were the chinese and also the insurgents,who did the same.My elders say,they know people who got lucky and found those hidden articles,and now are rich.


Mount Everest's First Assamese Conqueror Tarun Saikia

Assamese mountaineer Mr.Tarun Saikia today on 18th May at 5.30 AM conquered the world's highest mountain peak Mount Everest.

Congratulation  !!! Mr Tarun Saikia..

We all proud of you ...


Mount Everest

1st North East India on top of the World (Mt. Everest) Expedition 2013


Assam Sahitya Sabha 2013 | Photo Image Gallery


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