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Ingredients: 800 g Chicken,cut cut into pieces 2 large onions, finely chopped 1 tsp Ginger paste 1 tbs garlic paste 4 table spoon Black sesame seeds paste (til) 1/2 tsp Turmeric...

Assamese Cuisine অসমীয়া ৰন্ধন-শৈলী

অসমীয়া মানুহৰ টেঙাৰ জুতি টেঙা আঞ্জাৰ মূল উপকাৰন সমূহ ১ বিলাহীৰ টেঙা ২ ঔ টেঙা ৩ তেঁতেলী টেঙা ৪ থেকেৰা টেঙা ৫ চুকা...
Preparing  pickle at home is a way of experiencing true Indian cuisine. In Assamese way of preparing pickle we generally use  minimum...
Being located in the North East India, we grow banana plants at our Home and use almost all parts of the plant at home. The Banana leaves are used as...


HumtyDumty Article
Add a pinch of salt to the water during boiling potatoes . This loosens the potato peal and...
pranjit | 1,200reads
HumtyDumty Article
Manipuri cuisine: Manipuri cuisine is simple, organic and healthy. Dishes are typically spicy...
diganta | 7,555reads

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