Borolar Ghor Assamese Cinema Film Movie remake of super hit Malayalam film "Meleparambil Aanveedu" বৰলাৰ ঘৰ

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South Indian film director Mani C. Kappan's first Assamese film "Borolar Ghor" releasing on 2nd November. Starring Utpal Das and Bengali Actress Debasmita Banerjee.

"Borolar Ghor" বৰলাৰ ঘৰ is remake of super hit Malayalam film "Meleparambil Aanveedu". It was one of the highest grossing Malayalam films of the early 1990s. It made the list of "14 Greatest Malayalam Movies Ever" as compiled by Manorama News. The film was produced by director of Assamese version Mani C. Kappan

Junti Olal - Borolar Ghar


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