Zero -Ziro Arunachal Pradesh - The hidden paradise -Photo Video

Home to the Apartani tribe , Ziro is one the oldest towns in Arunachal Pradesh. This hidden paradise has even earned the 'World Heritage Site' tag from UNESCO.The perfect combination of cool climate and scenic beauty ,this destination is the perfect place for a peaceful getaway.But do not underestimate this little town ,apart from taking in nature's bounty ; there are many things to do and place to see.But since only the bare necessities are available at the town,it is advisable to pack smart. The best time to visit is during festival time when it's bustling with energy. It is located at about 1500 metres above mean sea level in the midst of the pine clad mountains, a Hidden land .Inhabited by more than have 50,000 friendly Apatani's people. The land of Apatani's is a valley, uneven and dotted with a number of hillocks beneath the lust paddy field. The Apatani people, who worship nature God, extend hospitality more so during festivals like Myoko, Murung and Dree.They design beautiful Handloom and Handicrafts, besides, practicing famous paddy - fish cultivation. The area is rich in biological diversity having varied flora and fauna as per altitudinal zonation from sub tropical to alpine forest