Jackfruit seeds with Ash Gourd Leaf, কঁঠালৰ গুটি আৰু কোমোৰা পাত খাৰ দিয়া

Jackfruit seeds are salvaged from the ripe fruits. They may be eaten either boiled or roasted or Khar. Ash gourd or White Gourd which is known as Komora in Assamese.
কঁঠালৰ গুটি
Ingredients :
1. Jackfruit seeds - 10 nos
2. Ash Gourd Leaf - 150 gm
3. Salt- (According to taste)
4. Alkali(Khar) - 2 tsp
5. Ginger - 1 small piece
6. Oil - 1 tsp
Cut the Jackfruit seeds in small piece and also the Ash Gourd Leaf.
Now add seeds, leaf, Khar, Ginger and some water together into a pressure cookerand give one whistle. Once the pressure is released add the oil and serve hot.