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অসম কলেজ অধ্যক্ষ পৰিষদ  Aims and objectives ...

The aims and objectives of the Council shall be to :

* Strive and contribute towards all-round development of higher education in particular and secondary and primary education in general in the state;
* Promote socio-cultural and human welfare in the state in particular and the country as a whole in general;
* Generate mutual goodwill and understanding among different academic bodies striving for the similar aims and objectives inside and outside the state;
* Co-ordinate and co-operate in all matters relating to education;
* Foster national integration and values of life;
* Work for evolving academically sound and administratively similar pattern of disciplines in all colleges of the state;
* Safeguard and improve the status and condition of the Principals;
* To take any other activities as may be considered necessary of the furtherance of the aforesaid activities.


General Body

1. All members of the council shall constitute the General body of the Council.
2. At least one sitting of the General Body shall be held every year. Regional / Zonal sitting can be held on special circumstances / occasions under the three Universities, ie, GU, DU and AU.
3. The sitting of the General Body and its date of holding shall be decided by the EC.
4. One-tenth of the members shall have the power to convene a special sitting of the General Body if circumstances so demand.
5. One-tenth of the members shall form a quorum of the general body meeting.

Headquarter and Office

The headquarter and office of the council shall be at B. Baruah College, Guwahati - 781 007.

Executive Committee(EC)meetings shall be generally held at the headquarter office of the council / or as decided by EC.

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