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Prime News , A new Satellite TV News Channel,Office above Pantaloon building,Guwahati, Assam 

PRIME NEWS, a 24X7 infotainment satellite channel which dedicates itself to be an unbiased open forum for all the people of the region gives a clarion call to the political thinkers, planners, investors and stake holders to contribute their mite towards the economic reconstruction of the state and the region and as a true professional the channel takes the pledge to furnish them the truth, only the and no substitute to the truth.
PRIME NEWSalso endeavors to showcase the rich cultural heritage, tradition and the unexplored tourism potential to the outside world. In this regard your active cooperation and encouragement will always be highly solicited to make the journey a grand success.


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Hi reader... I am a

Hi reader... I am a correspondent of this chanel from Mankachar. I did not get my FTP no yet..............

Naren Bhattacharjee
Dhubri (Assam)_
+91 9957210114

My heartiest congratulation

My heartiest congratulation for this new and freash news channel of Assam,
Prime News. I am a permanent resident of Guwahati and a final semester
student of Mass Communication & Journalism. I would like to join this new
channel and want to work for my region. I would be grateful and be very proud
if given a chance. Thank you.
Sumita Bhattacharjee. Contact-9957182271

hi i am indrani want to join

hi i am indrani want to join in prime news channel if possible then plz do
contact me

First of all I would like to

First of all I would like to congragulate for this new News Channel of NE Region .
Sir , Im an student of Mass Communication and i would like to join this news channel and give my best service to the channel , as well as for the region.
Therefore, I shall be obliged to u if a chance is given to me.

Thanking you

Name- Santu Das
Contact- 07895178312

hi i am manoj kumar sharma

hi i am manoj kumar sharma from bongaigaon, i want to join prime time news channel. I am a constant learner in the field of media and i will use my knowledge & skills for the growth & development for this channel.
i am also a student of MASS COMMUNICATION & JOURNALISM in BONGAIGAON COLLEGE under Gauhati Universty (4th Semester, 2nd Year).
Manoj Kumar Sharma
Mobile No :- +91 9435022380

hai, i am Ansuli Basumatary!

hai, i am Ansuli Basumatary! student of Bongaigaon College in Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism (4th sem) . By the way i would like to thank the Prime News Satellite News Channel for your rich information. So i would like to join in serving the region if chance is given.

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Abahay Saha
Dhubri (Assam)
+91 9957242367

Hi i am Barnalee.i want to

Hi i am Barnalee.i want to join in PRIME NEWS.if possible do contact me.Barnalee Saharia.Chenikuthi:Guwahati. contact no-9854367829,9854045865.


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